At Katsougrakis Law Firm, P.C., we make landlord representation an emphasis of our firm’s practice. In doing so, we draw on insights gained while representing our real estate clients. Because our attorneys make your rights as a landlord a focus of our firm, we can deliver the developed legal judgment you need in order to make important decisions. In many cases, your decisions are highly time-sensitive so you need a firm that can hit the ground running. We can be that firm for you.

Tailoring Our Services To Your Legal Needs

When you need prompt legal representation that is as effective as it is economically efficient, you can turn to us. We can help you with a comprehensive variety of landlord rights issues such as:

  • Holdovers and tenant evictions
  • Nonpayment proceedings
  • Out-of-state landlords needing local legal assistance
  • Property management issues, including lease agreements

To deliver superior legal representation to you, we work with you directly. The Katsougrakises are a brother-sister family team committed to personalized representation and to building successful long-term relationships with landlords throughout the Levittown, New York, area and its surrounding region.

You can also count on our lawyers to provide you with the knowledge you need when making difficult decisions in legally gray areas. Our focus on landlord rights’ matters gives us the judgment you need to make wise decisions, particularly in those situations where the law applicable to your situation is unclear or still developing.

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To learn more about how we can help you with your legal needs as a landlord, call us at 888-352-2578. You can also reach our firm online.