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Experienced Attorneys Handling Commercial Real Estate

From differing municipal laws across New York to the intricacies of contractual provisions, the complexity of commercial real estate law can leave even the most educated person vulnerable to misunderstandings that can result in costly mistakes or even litigation.

Business owners, land owners, landlords and real estate developers throughout the Levittown area and its surrounding region understand the importance of seeking experienced legal counsel that has a focus in real estate law, which Katsougrakis Law Firm, P.C. has become a trusted name in New York for commercial real estate transactions.

Reliable Guidance From Purchase To Sale

Our extensive real estate law experience gives us the ability to identify weaknesses in a commercial real estate transaction and correct matters before they result in costly mistakes. From purchase to sale, our brother-sister family team are equipped to handle a wide variety of matters, including:

  • Drafting purchase and sale agreements
  • Reviewing commercial real estate contracts
  • Drafting commercial real estate leases
  • Resolving property management issues
  • Resolving property title and title insurance matters

We stay on top of changes in the law and are well equipped to provide clarification when applicable laws are unclear or in the process of changing. Additionally, our attention to detail ensures things are done right the first time around.

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