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Established in 2011, the Katsougrakis Law Firm, P.C., focuses on residential and commercial real estate law. The law firm is centrally located in Long Island and represents purchasers, sellers, property owners, tenants and leaders throughout the State of New York and the counties of Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Bronx, Kings and Westchester.

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The Judgment You Need To Manage Your Legal Concerns

We commit ourselves to delivering our services in a way that helps you understand the law. To do that, we make ourselves available to answer your most pressing questions.

Our focus is on real estate. We are able to fulfill the needs of purchasers, sellers, property owners, lenders, landlords and tenants to provide them with the seasoned judgment they need in legal matters.

Because we know the law and, equally important, how the law is practiced in the courtrooms of this jurisdiction, we can advise you intelligently even when the law is unclear or still developing.

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